The journey began in February 1990 when Dr. Zacheus Indrawan, fully supported by his partner, Ir. Ben Usagani, introduced dynamic pile testing in Indonesia. Ben’s extensive experience in the construction of Marine Structures prompted him to look for a way to test piles faster and cheaper, while maintaining the accuracy of results. His idea and bold move then gave birth to PT. Multi AGEOTESCON (Advanced Geotechnical Testing and Consultancy) together with Dr. Indrawan.


The late Prof Roosseno at the Seminar of Introducing Pile Dynamic Testing and Analysis in Indonesia


The seminar was attended by Contractor and Consultant Companies located in Jakarta


Pile Dynamic Testing has now become a routine pile foundation quality control method in Indonesia. However, PT. Multi AGEOTESCON was the pioneer who introduced this method to the Indonesian construction industry. It was an up-hill battle to convince the clients about the reliability of this new method.

We held a seminar to introduce the method (especially using the Pile Driving Analyzer) which was attended by the contractor and consultant companies in February 1990. Along the journey, one thing that was consistently asked was whether this dynamic method is as reliable asPDA Demonstration 2 static loading test which was regularly used. To answer this, Dr. Indrawan also published several journals which were also presented in many national and international seminars (see the list of journals here).

But, in God’s providence, the Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) is no longer a ”Black Box” technology. In the hands of good testing engineers who properly execute the test, correctly interpret the results, and honestly report the results (the most important factor), the PDA has become a reliable and modern problem solving tool.

A few years after its establishment, PT. Multi AGEOTESCON started developing its services by providing several other types of advanced geotechnical and concrete testing, including the Pile Integrity Tester, the Cross Hole Analyzer, the Vibration Monitoring, the Portable Ultrasonic Non-destructive Digital Indicating Tester, the Cambridge Self-boring Pressuremeter, and Geotechnical Instrumentations.



To maintain the pride of the Pioneer and as the Longest Running Company in the Indonesian Pile Dynamic Testing field, we strive to prioritize our clients’ trust and satisfaction by consistently applying this work ethic in all our business aspects:

We understand that personal integrity is important to present an honest and correct testing result and to develop a trusting relationship with clients. For this reason, nurturing the personal integrity of our Engineers has always been our priority.

We always maintain the highest quality of our testing results by improving the technical knowledge and professional skills of our Engineers. Applying the Quality Assurance procedure where all analyses and reports shall be personally checked by the Principal Engineer, we seek to deliver the best testing results to the clients. Aside from that, we also require our Engineers to join the routine training led by the Principal Engineer which covers:
– How to master the wave propagation theory
– Skills to conduct good tests and obtain high-quality data
– Knowledge for interpreting testing data correctly
– Consistently reporting the testing results honestly

Having handled thousands of projects, our field teams have experienced a variety of site conditions. From house to skyscraper, railway to bridge, jetty facility to mine field; each site has unique risks. We prioritize the safety of our work and ensure that field teams are knowledgeable of potential risks encountered during testing and with associated construction activities. The safety inductions provided by our clients also help field teams become more knowledgeable about site conditions.

Awareness of Client’s Needs
We always welcome input from our clients and strive to provide accurate and timely responses. We seek to improve the respectful attitude towards our clients and business partners according to business ethics.

Healthy Competition
In the 25 years since Ageotescon first introduced Dynamic Pile Testing to the Indonesian construction industry, companies offering similar services have emerged. We aim to regularly outperform our competition by continually improving the quality of our testing services.




Dr. Zacheus Indrawan
Principal Engineer

A man known for his integrity, he has personally trained highly-professional/ dedicated engineers and technicians to carry out the testing and derive interpretations. He continues to approve all testing prior to submitting reports for our clients.


Ir. Jopie Tuhumury
Operational Director

A student of Dr. Indrawan in Universitas Kristen Indonesia, he has been with the company since 1990. With 25-year career, he has an extensive experience in handling thousands of Pile Dynamic projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Timor-Leste.


Bianca Natasya, ST.
Testing Engineer

Graduated with a satisfying grade from Universitas Indonesia – specialized in Geotechnics, she is known as a sharp and detailed person. Bianca decided to join the company in 2011 because of her passion in geotechnical-related things. She has experienced challenging difficult pile-modeling projects.


David Silitonga, ST.
Testing Engineer

Joining the company in 2012 and was the colleague of Natasya’s in Universitas Indonesia. He is known as a hardworking and highly self-motivated person. David managed to complete the in-class and on-site training in less than two (2) months to be able to handle a project on his own.



Sertifikat PDI ZIPile Dynamic, Inc. (PDI) created a certification test for PDA users, named “Dynamic Measurement, Analysis Proficiency Test and CAPWAP”. The details of the test can be read here. In November 2010, Dr. Indrawan took the test and achieved the rank of Advanced Level.

Until the time of writing, we are not aware of any other Certification Test existing related to Pile Dynamic Testing and Analysis.